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Who is Off Your Rocker Films?

Everything at McFarland Productions has a story to tell, even Off Your Rocker Films, a division of McFarland Productions that focuses on long-form films. These films focus on a wide variety of types, from western entertainment to documentary films to agricultural advocacy pieces. 

Telling long-format stories requires a full film crew to provide the best film direction, creative art management, audio design and production, camera operation, graphics, and animation design. Our priority is to fully produce high-quality films with the western and agriculture industry as our focus. Below are a few examples of films we can publicly release produced by the team Off Your Rocker Films by McFarland Productions.

Rodeo Legends: Benny and Rooster Reynolds

In association with University of Montana Western’s Collegiate Rodeo Team and Name That Tune, McFarland Productions’ Off Your Rocker Films produced a short documentary highlighting the careers of two rodeo legends.

University of Montana Western Collegiate Rodeo Team is excited to announce their tribute to the enduring legacy of Benny and Rooster Reynolds, two of Dillon’s most iconic rodeo heroes. Their significant impact has played a crucial role in shaping Dillon’s rich rodeo heritage. The film will be shown at the 2024 UMW Rodeo Banquet as part of their annual fundraising event and later released online.

Nice Job, Cowgirl: The Judy Wagner Story

Nice Job, Cowgirl is a stand-alone 30-minute documentary about Judy Wagner, an influential cowgirl, retiring CMO of Montana Silversmiths, and Founder of the previously known brand of Gator Ropes, among additional titles and accolades. Judy’s story begins on her family ranch in Avon, Montana, where her “Ranch Grown Logic” begins. Judy is a rodeo competitor, ranch cowgirl, prior 4H extension agent, entrepreneur…

Chewaucan Watershed Collaborative

McFarland Productions (now producing long format films under Off Your Rocker Films) produced 25 minute film showcasing the Chewaucan Watershed for the Chewaucan Watershed Collaborative. This film is intended to show the scientific facts about the watershed and the challenges the ecosystem faces in the Southeastern Oregon desert climate. The area is highly important to migratory birds in the Pacific Flyway to which, the basin provides a perfect stop-off as they migrate, nesting grounds and prolific food sources. 

2021 Western Conservative Summit

McFarland Productions (now producing long format films under Off Your Rocker Films) produced a series of 6, 30 minute short documentaries for the Western Conservative Summit brought to you by Colorado Christian University and the Centennial Institute. These films were viewed in 10+ countries the day of the conference and have since been viewed by an even broader audience. 

Oregon Jamboree

McFarland Productions (now producing long format films under Off Your Rocker Films) produced a short film series for Oregon Jamboree in 2020 when they could not have a festival. This series was a way to both produce content and tell the origin story of Oregon Jamboree in a year without a festival as well as build up for their 30th anniversary festival in 2022. This series won the 2021 Ovation! Award for Unique Marketing Campaign at Oregon Festivals & Events Association’s year end awards banquet. 

Oregon Wheat Growers League

McFarland Productions produced a short video series of agvocacy films for Oregon Wheat Growers League. This series was shown at the 2021 Oregon Wheat Growers League Summit. Here’s a short snippet of that series. 

Challenge of the Champions Tour

In 2020, we produced a 30 minute documentary for a small amateur bull riding series that was founded in Roseburg, Oregon. The series started with one winter bull riding that locals loved attending. It soon grew to a standing room only, sold out crowd and the CCT team decided to expand the singular bull riding to a full tour with tour championships each New Years. This documentary was funded by a grant awarded to CCT by the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce. The grant was awarded to an outstanding business that was started in Roseburg, OR, but reaches outside of the local area. We were proud to product this film for our friends and event producers, Jason and Nataly Mattox.