Attracting, delighting, and engaging with your customers online is essential to growing your business. Allow our team to craft strategic written and visual creatives to tell your story on a digital platform. By creating valuable content, we will help positively affect the lives of your audience and drive a profit through our ongoing services agreements. 

The digital marketing services we offer include content creation retainers, media buy and ad distribution, website design and management, and social media management. If you’re looking for help managing your marketing budget, assets, and creatives, we know the key to success.

Ongoing Services including strategy, design, photography, videography, content creation, social media management and more.


McFarland Productions provides videography services for commercial use purposes from television commercials, brand films, short films, documentaries, series films, social media content and  video ad distribution. Our films can be product specific, lifestyle focused, brand promoting, or story telling. We have produced films for ads as well as human interest pieces for brand growth, brand recognition and promotion of our lifestyle. 

We are offering monthly or bimonthly photography and/or videography options, allowing you to always have plenty of fresh content to use in print or on your website or social media!



McFarland Productions believes in the power of organic marketing techniques, but it needs to be combined with paid ad experiences in order to grow your business at your target rate. Because a viewer is 80% more likely to purchase an item or service if they first discovered it in a video, we provide video ad distribution services to create an effective ad spend plan for your company. Our goal is to get a 4 or 5 times ROI minimum on every dollar you spend on paid marketing over time. We create custom audiences for your business to ensure that your company gets a return on every dollar invested. 

First, we get to know your company. We want to help you define a very specific ideal client. This will allow us to create the correct target audiences for your services. This will be key in making sure your ad dollars reach the right people. 

Then, we will create a video concept that will be most effective in reaching your goals. The look, feel and messaging will all be designed with your ideal client in mind. 

Next, we shoot! We come to you or determine an ideal location to create your video ad. We work with you to create a campaign that jives with your company’s personality AND is EFFECTIVE in converting to sales. We’ve got you here. We know what it takes for a video to be effective. 

Fourth, we design a landing page. Creating a landing page specific for the campaign not only allows us to measure effectiveness of the ads, it also provides the necessary SEO that will help bolster your ad dollars. Additionally, landing pages make for a better user experience, getting them to what they want faster. Minimizing the time from which they view the ad to the time they convert to a sale is imperative. Less clicks=more sales.

Next, we design your ad audience. We start with your ideal client to create that audience. We will monitor this over the lifetime of the ad to make sure we are reaching the best converting traffic possible. We also create split tests between styles of ad copy to content of the ad to the audience. 

Then, we set the budget based on your ad spend goals and your return on investment needs. 

Finally, we run and continually manage the ad campaign on a month to month basis running ads consistently and tweaking to make them even more effective. 


McFarland Productions provides website design services for ecommerce and landing page style sites. From events, to online stores, to brand sites we can build a reliable, SEO friendly site with a fluid user experience. We strive to make a customer or viewer feel as though they just walked into your business when they visit your website. The personality of the company should shine through your user’s online experience. It also needs to be targeted to your ideal client to be more effective in achieving the goals of your site.

Once it’s built, we manage it. We can do everything from content updates to plugin and software updates as well as upgrades to your site as you company’s needs and wants change as you grow. 

We also take security very seriously. Security is so important for every website. We can help with that. 

Additionally, managing the site may also mean working to make user experience and Search Engine Optimization better and more robust. 


McFarland Productions provides social media management of your Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts. Our goal is to build you a following that is made up of your ideal client. Reaching the right people for your business is imperative to creating a converting following and achieving your growth goals. 

We post on your social media channels taking into account the most effective frequency for your accounts, the hash tag use, and encouraging other companies and publications to share your content. 

We are interaction focused. We want the right followers to help you convert your followers to buyers; because, isn’t that really the goal? Sales not following. We measure success by the growth of your bottom line, not the growth in non-converting huge followings.

We also manage that social media inbox for you.