Have you ever been a part of something that makes your heart entirely happy?! Something that ignites your fire inside and makes you remember why you followed your dreams in the first place?  Luckily for me, when shooting for customers that are visually passionate about their profession, it makes me fall in love with mine all over again. For McFarland Productions, capturing these moments in time for our customers – their memories being made and their personal milestones being reached; that is what inspires us the most.  

One of our highlights for the month of September, was being able to travel down to Jordan Valley, OR and capture the amazing work and lifestyle of the astounding Catie Kershner, owner of Kershner Custom Silver.  Catie is one of those people that is full of energy and emits excitement towards anyone in her presence. Hearing her story first hand, and learning about how she has made her dreams become a reality was truly motivating.  Being a small business owner myself, I gain so much happiness watching other small businesses succeed.

Located in the South Eastern corner of Oregon, Jordan Valley is a quiet, western community where everyone knows their neighbor, and there are far more cattle than people.  Talk about my kind of place! From start to finish, Catie and I had an absolutely amazing time. From shooting out along the Owyhee River Gorge, to feeling personally at home in her quaint silversmithing shop, and capturing images at her local hole-in-the-wall bar; there was never a lack of laughter, gorgeous scenery, and beautifully crafted silver jewelry.  Some of my favorite images from the day were of Catie riding her 25 year old Tobiano Paint gelding named Stormy.  This horse is close to Catie’s heart, and seemed perfectly at home riding through the picturesque rocky and sage-brushy terrain along the Owyhee River Gorge.  With Catie being fully in her element with Stormy in this beautiful backdrop, we were able to capture an old-fashioned western vibe, which are all simply drool-worthy!   

As we just are finish up the Kershner Custom Silver video from this amazing day… I want to end with the poem that Catie chose to be apart of this video, because it resonated with her on such a deep level.  This poem written by another strong Jordan Valley woman, and is a true portrayal of Catie’s tough and determined spirit:


[video_embed url=”https://vimeo.com/299122130″ embed_style=”default” width=”500″]


In a small country town on Oregon’s eastern side,
Lives a girl with her dreams painted in the western skies.
Her roots are planted here, but they don’t hold her back.
They’re what give her strength on her adventurous path.  
She can see her future just beyond the horizon,
And she’s chasing down her dreams, as fast as she can run.  
– Annie Mackenzie (Jordan Valley, OR)

Catie’s story is beautiful – as is her passion, and her talent.  She pours her heart and soul into every piece, creating that one of a kind experience which is desired by all of her customers.  Thank you Catie, for allowing me to capture the story of Kershner Custom Silver. It was truly my pleasure!


Until our next adventure…


McFarland Productions