Dubsado Project Management

Hey guys, Natalie here. If you know anything about working with me you know that I have an obsession to find the perfect project management software. While PERFECT is a high bar not yet achieved by any one platform, we have internally created a winning combination of software and systems that do the trick. Till the unicorn of project management software comes along, we have some favorites. And no, we aren’t afraid to play favorites when it comes to project management software, contracting, invoicing, etc. 

In 2018 we discovered Dubsado. To say the least, it was a game changer. We have seen the platform grow and change and develop over time. Our love only grows with those improvements. Something we love most about it is the seamless and effortless automations that we can create for projects. This takes the “did I turn off the water for the horses” feeling out of invoicing and managing payment plans.

Additionally, Dubsado gave us a way to create custom-to-us contracts (and multiple templates based on the job type) that are electronically sign-able by all of our customers. We can even do sub-contracts if necessary. 

Another great feature is recurring invoices. I don’t think I need to expand much on why having recurring invoicing automated saves you time and hassle. Its a requirement. 

Last feature I will mention (even though I could write a novel on the positives of this software), and probably the best of what I have listed here in this short article, is the customer portal ability. This allows our customers to login, view the projects we have done together, pay their invoices, view their payment history and contracts, etc any time they want through a secured password protected portal. 

We love Dubsado and we will be there for quite a while. 

Click the button below to sign up! Use code mcfpro to earn 20% off your first year’s (or month) subscription depending how you choose to pay. 

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