Audio Book: Creativity, Inc.

This goes top of the list for must listens for me. I am an avid listener (and so is Kevin), but this book more than any other one I have listened to in the last few years was one that really struck a cord with me. 

Ed Catmull describes the process that Pixar has taken and continues to proceed with in their endeavor to preserve a culture that fosters and protects creativity in the workplace. 

While this book is focused on protecting creativity in a large company, it provides valuable lessons to any business owner, manager, or person in a creative career. The concepts in this book enhanced the internal procedures and policies at McFarland Productions and my personal way of thinking. The company culture described in this book is truly one that any company should hope to strive for. 

There were so many ah-ha moments for me in listening to this book. I finished it in just 2 sittings while on my flight back from Art of the Cowgirl and on my drive to and from the Dude Ranchers Association convention. With every interruption (boarding planes, getting fuel in my truck, etc), I couldn’t wait to jump back in to this book as soon as possible. 

This goes on my favorite books list, a list not easy to fall on as a book has to be pretty darn engaging for me to love it. Highly recommend this book for any business or organization looking to create a culture of free input, true collaboration and overall health and happiness in your organization. 

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